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Adopt a Mimic

Adopt a Mimic

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The dungeon has been cleared, skeletal bodies strewn about your feet. Finally you can claim the treasure you fought so hard for. You walk towards the chest and pull out your lockpicks to open it... but it opens itself as glowing eyes and hooked teeth begin to reveal themselves.

Roll initiative.


This handcrafted box features glass eyes that follow you around the room and painstakingly sculpted details. They have a thick and bouncy felt lining on the base.

No two are identical! You will not receive the exact one in the picture, but it will be similar. I strive to make each completely unique so there may be variations in features and textures, though all will be suitably grotesque. The Large one easily holds 5 sets of dice, a box of spell cards, and a few figures. The Medium will easily hold 5 sets of dice and a few figures. The Smol will hold around 3-4 sets of dice. The teeny weeny one will hold 1 d20 dice.

NEW: arched variant. A slightly more curved lid than the usual variant. It's size falls between large and regular. These are. Limited edition con stock and will not be listed again! 

Never travel alone again.


These boxes require a great level of detail and as such can take up to 4 weeks for me to make. Please be patient! Due to the nature of the materials used, it is advised that you do not store them in a place where weight in on them or items are bumping against it from the outside. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or custom requests, I'll try my best to help.

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