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Orb of Calming - Soothing Bathbomb With Random D20

Orb of Calming - Soothing Bathbomb With Random D20

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Drift in soothing lavender scented water to help you regain your hit points and get a long rest. Each one has a random D20 inside so you can roll with advantage the next day! These bath bombs contain cocoa butter to soften even the hardiest of adventurer's skin, epsom salts to ease the muscles after combat, and dried lavender from my own garden that even the party's druid would approve of.


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, dried lavender, essential oils, olive oil, bicarbonate of soda, epsom salts, citric acid, colouring.

Please note that everyone's skin is different, so do a patch test by gently rubbing the opened bath bomb on your wrist before taking the plunge!

These are made to order and dispatched within two weeks of purchase. Arrival time may depend on your location. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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